Tips for future Y12s



Hey future compsci DP students, just wanted to give you guys some tips for next year’s course.

  1. Look at past papers. Even though your IB is the new one their question styles shouldn’t change too much so you can see what kind of level of pseudo-code you’ll need, or how good you need to be with logic gates etc.
  2. If you’re given a book by the new teacher (like Mr. B gave us books of exercises) use them in your free time. Code in your free time. Make coding your free time. The skills will be useful in class and you can make stuff you might actually use (load on to your calculator maybe) out of class.
  3. Baby steps. You’ll see this year that many of your projects are too ambitious. Learn from that and try to learn one skill at a time, slowly increasing your proficiency. Make your learning goals realistic.
    If anyone thinks of more tips post them below.


Well said thanks Misha. I wholeheartedly agree with all 3 points! You get good at programming… by programming! There is no shortcut to the cliche of practice practice practice! Don’t wait until you are assigned programming as homework, have your own project(s) you are working on… and ensure each one requires you to learn something new too (keeping in mind the baby steps comment).