Podcast recommendations



I find podcasts are a great way to keep up with industry news, and where industry leaders think things are heading. I devour them on my commute in/from work. I thought I’d start a thread to share recommendations.

  • The Artificial Intelligence Podcast by Lex Fridman, a professor at MIT. He delivers some great AI related courses at MIT, and all his lectures and notes are available online - well worth watching if you are remotely interested in AI. His podcast, however, is not based on his lectures but conducting interviews with industry heavyweights. Past interviews include Marc Raibert of Boston Dynamics (famous, cutting edge robotics company); Guido van Rossum (creator of Python); Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google); and Jeff Atwood (cofounder StackOverflow)… you get the idea. Well worth subscribing to.

Do you listen to any technology or computing related podcasts that would be relevant to share with the forum? If so, add your recommendations to this thread, and let’s share the goodness!


I take it no one listens to podcasts? Either that or you’ve been having too good a holiday to pay attention to this forum! Here are some other suggestions if you are interested…